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Multi-games Table Hire

Multigames Hire

Perfect for Wedding/ Party Events

Our top quality 3 option Multigames table is a brilliant way to keep guests of all ages thoroughly entertained at your wedding event, whether that be to break up some of the time between ceremony and dinner, or during the evening session. 

The options include Air Hockey, 8 Ball Pool, and Table Tennis, all which can be setup and changed within seconds by a member of our team who will look after you, the table and equipment throughout, and helping guests with rules/ how to play if required!

The table itself is sleek and professional looking in design measuring 7ft x 4ft. (Plenty of room for 2 - 4 guests to play at any one time).

The air hockey playfield is high on airflow and low on friction. It features a powerful 240v fan to ensure a consistent air cushion across the entire playfield, for fast, exciting puck performance.

Goal boxes catch the puck after you score, presenting it back to the defending player for restart. The playfield rail surrounding the playfield is designed to minimise puck jumping, and the provided pushers and pucks mean you can start playing immediately. This game can be enjoyed by all age groups and is simple and easy to understand for all guests to get involved!

The pool table is clothed in a hard-wearing speed cloth, giving a fast ball speed and consistent roll across all areas of the table. The rubber cushions give a great response, with an accurate rebound from any angle.

Wide, American-style drop pockets, chrome corner caps and rail sights finish off the table. Great way for guests to chill out and relax with a drink while having a chat and a game of 8 ball pool!

The third game included with the 7ft Multi Games Table is the table tennis top. At 7ft in length, it’s considered a 3/4-size table – more than enough room for a fun game. This top comes in two halves and is secured to the table with the net posts. 

Again a member of our team will be available at all times to change the game type and help guests with any queries they may have about each game. 

Furthermore our team member can also setup a quick tournament if you desire, and keep track of all guest scores where a final game can be played with the two leading players and a winner decided. This is another super way to get all guests over watching the 'big finale' and creates great fun and excitement for all the guest watching over! Isn't that what your day is all about?! 


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